Defining Work

I am up all hours of the night working on this project. It’s not healthy, that’s for sure.

There’s no way to define the project and that’s how it should be. It’s all phenomenology, baby!

There’s an easy description, which is true, but there isn’t a summary define a project that is about complex connections and I have no interest in a resolution or a final

You know, with some effort I’ve been able to access

I could easily say here is praxis and that’s it. Phronesis Techne



Phronesis was not considered a science by Aristotle because it is variable and context dependent. It was not an art because it is about action and generically different from production. Art is production that aims at an end other than itself. – See more at:


How is the meaning of the photograph constructed?
Here’s what the project is about:

  1. Here’s a photograph I made in 1987.

TRUMP GOING UP_1 8%22 x10%22 web

The photograph, as it stands alone, presents merely the possibility of meaning. Only by its embeddedness in a concrete discourse situation can the photograph yield a clear semantic outcome.
Alan Sekula, “On the Invention of Photographic Meaning,” in Thinking Photography,

  1. What does this photograph mean? What gives the photograph meaning? How is meaning determined?

For fuck’s sake… this project has nothing to do with the Trump organization. But it has every thing to do with Trump.