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Donald Trump: Strip my name from Atlantic City casinos, August 6, 2014

Falling asleep while writing this, finishing it Saturday night… Sleep typing is not good for anyone.

Here’s the briefest summary possible about some recent super complex, super interesting thrill-a-second, seat-of-your pants, courtroom drama, A little over a year ago, Trump AC Casino Marks, LLC (Donald and Ivanka Trump) sued Trump Entertainment Resorts (Carl Icahn), alleging that “Trump Entertainment (had) allowed (Donald and Ivanka Trump’s) two Atlantic City casinos to fall into disrepair,” which damaged the Trump personal brand.

Ok, so the suit was settled about 5 months ago and settlement specifies “Trump Entertainment Resorts (must) remove ‘any and all vestiges’ of the (Trump) name from the facade of the shuttered Trump Plaza casino. The Trump Plaza sign was removed, but the name is still outlined in dirt or rust in many spots.”
-“Deal keeps Trump name on Atlantic City casino, March 9, 2015

As someone who is all about semiotics, specifically the semiotics of photography, I’m shocked Trump AC Casino Marks neglected to address what seemed to be a glaring breach of contract related to full blown damage to the Trump personal brand. The initial litigation makes sense. Broken signage and ghost signage with the name TRUMP still legible and visible from a distance renderers a new reading of the former signage. For the most part that ghost text spell out “FAILURE” from a distance.

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Check out this dissertation from 2001 Hypertext Semiotics in the Commercialized InternetMoritz Neumüller. Why would I say that? “Read someone’s dissertation!”
I’m out of my mind! Just trust the writing addresses some internet vs. real world stuff.